Difference Between Google And Bing

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Google and Bing are two of the most popular search engines on the internet. They both have their own unique features and algorithms. Google is the more popular of the two, but Bing is gaining popularity. Here are some of the main differences between these two search engines.

What is Google ?

Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Google was founded in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. Together they own about 14 percent of its shares and control 56 percent of the stockholder voting power through supervoting stock. They incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. An initial public offering (IPO) took place on August 19, 2004, and Google moved to its new headquarters in Mountain View, California, nicknamed the Googleplex. In March 2015, Google announced plans to reorganize its various interests as a conglomerate called Alphabet Inc. Google is Alphabet’s leading subsidiary and will continue to be the umbrella company for Alphabet’s Internet interests.

What is Bing?

Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. The service has its origins in Microsoft’s previous search engines: MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search. Bing provides a variety of search services, including web, video, image and map searches.

Bing was launched on May 28, 2009. The name “Bing” was chosen through focus groups and market research, and the service was unveiled at the D: All Things Digital conference in San Diego. It was then released worldwide on June 3, 2009. Initially, the United States accounted for 79% of all searches conducted on Bing.

The launch of Bing was accompanied by several marketing campaigns. Microsoft also entered into a partnership with Facebook that allowed Facebook users to use Bing as their search engine from within the social network’s site.

Main differences between Google and Bing

There are a few key differences between Google and Bing, the two most popular search engines in the world. For one, Google is much more user-friendly than Bing. It’s easier to search for what you want on Google and the results are generally more relevant. Additionally, Google offers a lot more features than Bing, such as Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.

Another big difference between the two is that Bing is powered by Microsoft, while Google is its own company. This means that Microsoft has a lot more control over what appears on Bing. As a result, there are some concerns about privacy with Bing, as Microsoft can track your searches and use that information for targeted advertising. Overall, though, both search engines are pretty good at finding what you’re looking for.

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In conclusion,Google and Bing are two very different search engines. Google is the more popular of the two, but Bing has some unique features that make it worth considering. When choosing a search engine, it’s important to consider your needs and what you’re looking for in a search engine.